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Disruptive Lemonade enables companies to succeed with JTBD and Systematic Innovation

We are experienced in working across a wide range of industries including, automotive, aerospace, consumer, education and financial markets.


Our client projects often integrate both JTBD customer research, value propositions design and breakthrough solutions.

Please see below a selection of some recent clients.

Jaguar Land Rover

Technology alignment to the customer JTBD 


JLR commissioned Disruptive Lemonade to consult a small group of technology managers and research engineers and support their innovation capability development. We provided consultancy and training in systematic innovation (TRIZ) and JTBD customer research.


A key research project was set up Jobs-To-Be-Done user research combined with customer journey mapping. The resulting user segmentation and insights transformed its strategic prioritization of technology programmes.


Two key outcomes were the development of four new technologies inventions aligned to the customer JTBD and the strategic redeployment of the research budget toward JTBD customer value. Several current innovations programmes were targeting overserved needs budget was redeployed to programmes that could satisfy underserved needs.


Disruptive Lemonade's work is ongoing with training 100's of engineers, managers, and designers in the foundational principles of a customer-centric mindset and building the key capabilities to deliver breakthrough innovation.

Dura Automotive

System analysis & redesign

Dura Automotive was looking for ways of creating efficiency and performance innovations within its current clutch systems.


They knew they needed to rethink the way its clutch system is designed so it can drive significant cost saving for Dura Automotive. That is exactly what Disruptive Lemonade help them do.


Systems design mapping (TRIZ tools) and FMEA diagnostics were used to build a common understanding of performance across the engineering teams. After much team based alignment on how the clutch system actually works - it soon became clear that removing waste and friction from the system was low hanging opportunity and rethinking processes and material selection was key implementing a long term successful solution.   


JTBD market selection and beachhead strategy


B-Social is Fintech startup aiming to be a social bank and needed to raise further private capital and meet strict banking regulations.


They approached Disruptive Lemonade with "7 epic" market opportunities wanting to know who was the most important end user. The two big questions were: which of the 7 opportunities were most attractive? What are the end user needs we need to prioritise first?


Deploying a three-stage Jobs-To-Be-Done process, using qualitative interviews, quantitative analysis and software-based segmentation the most underserved and most valuable market was identified followed by a detailed analysis of the end user in the selected target market. Hidden unmet needs were identified feeding the UX and development teams product roadmap with the right unmet needs to design for. The beachhead strategy, business case, and target end users were critical banking regulators requirements and securing a further £3.3 million in funding.


JTBD led innovation training


Saxeed approached Disruptive Lemonade to challenge and push its incubator delivery team’s creative capabilities and its user research processes.


Using live projects, Disruptive Lemonade enabled the Saxeed team to find new market growth opportunities, build differentiated value propositions and business models.


The training and mentoring provided a baseline understanding of users and market research using JTBD and customer journey mapping.


Manufacturing process re-design

Vaptech is a medium sized Bulgarian technology company that needed to find innovative ways of improving its manufacturing efficiency.


Disruptive Lemonade setup several lean innovation groups across the organisation to diagnose, rectify and deliver critical system and process inefficiencies.


Several manufacturer process ineffiencies were found resulting in one department gaining a 25% increase in performance and a 10% waste reduction in manufacturing waste.


Disruptive Lemonade took our technology engineering team from using gut instinct and guesswork for idea prioritisation to creating a systematic method for ideas selection based on our users ‘Jobs-To-Be-Done’.


They now truly understand how our users define value, and why they struggle with our products.”

Tony Davis

Research Manager,

Jaguar Land Rover

Disruptive Lemonade's user and customers research programmes have made a significant impact on how our network of entrepreneurs and businesses actually understand what customers need.


A very steep learning curve, but fantastic actionable insights.”

Beverley Nielsen


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