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Take Customer-Centered Innovation to the Next Level!

Being customer-centric is not easy in a product-driven world. Everything can feel like it’s only about your product sales and how you can make more money out of customers. So, how does what your customers really value fit into all your product talk? 

The JTBD way is product agnostic. It builds a customer first mindset “your customer does not want your product, they want to get a job done”. 

It is a proven methodology with over 25 years of successful application into Fortune 500 companies. By asking very different questions about what customers truly value, innovation becomes less about technology development and more about aligning how that technology will actually deliver what customers really want. 


The JTBD way of thinking will rapidly take your team to a higher level. It will give you access to the right data in the right way, and it will you what product strategy is required to win the market.
For, example your team needs:
  1. Customer data they can trust (not biased) that is actionable, highly structured and statistically quantifiable.
  2. To know which segments to target and which unmet needs to satisfy and prioritise in the product roadmap.
  3. To know how each competitor product gets the job done and understand what is required to disrupt or win more market share.
JTBD segmentation reveals
how to win the market


To develop the best product in your market, your team needs deep insights into why specific market segments struggle more than others to get the job done. To know this you need to build a needs-based segmentation model.

A typical JTBD study will deliver the following: 


  1. Identify which customer 'job' should be the focus for value creation.

  2. Build a qualitative value model around the customer 'job'.  

  3. Gather all the needs, and get a rating across the market for each need.

  4. Segment the market, using clustering software, to reveal market segments that have similar unmet needs.

  5. Understand how each competitor product competes for each need-based market segment.​

  6. Pinpoint where competitor products are not delivering enough value to each segment.​

  7. Know what market strategy is most likely to succeed for your company.


We offer the following workshops and delivery programmes to get your team up and running with JTBD as fast as possible.

JTBD Sprint copy.jpg

JTBD Intro Workshop

Get your team up to speed with JTBD thinking and principles with this 1-day intro workshop.




JTBD Sprint

Get your project into top gear within a few days using real customer data. 



JTBD Project Delivery

We deliver your JTBD project defined to your timeline.  Team-based mentoring can also be combined with project delivery.

Our JTBD insights programme will go-deep into your customers' job uncovering and ranking functional, emotional and behavioural attributes that they really care about. 

Our segmentation model seeks to understand what causes different segments of customers to struggle more than others by capturing the following types of data in a survey.

  • All the needs, emotional jobs, and other relevant other jobs.

  • Specific contexts that make the job harder or easier to get done.

  • Task complexity factors.

  • Relevant personal or behavioural attributes, eg, a diabetic customer.

Our programme will help your team ask the right questions about what growth opportunities are available and what competitive advantage really means. Ultimately, it will help you to plan a roadmap of the product concepts and features that win over the target growth segment.


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Tools & frameworks developed by
Disruptive Lemonade

Customer Outcome Canvas

A quick way to get inside the customer's world and uncover the most important customer outcomes.


This canvas is perfect for developing workshop based hypotheses about how the customer get the job done before interviewing.

Product-Market Fit Roadmap

Following a JTBD customer insight study, the Product-Market Fit roadmap aligns your core product platform to the right growth opportunities.


It provides a structure for a product development runway that allows product, engineering and marketing managers to truly integrate and execute the same battle plan. 

Buyer Journey


Understand in detail, how your customers go through the total buying process.


The Buyer Journey Map provides the structure to capture the critical buying moments and uses our 8 insights areas to uncover the triggers and intent that causes people to buy. 

Other Innovation Services
Decoding The Buyer Journey

A semi-structured and versatile customer development method that gets to the heart of buyer intent, emotional triggers and buyer objections.


Works best when used as part of marketing or product development initiatives. Initial consultation help to set-up and target several of the eight insights are required to inform project success. 

Creative Problem Solving (TRIZ)

Our 15 years’ expertise in applying TRIZ (a Russian problem-solving method) helps you to identify and solve the toughest system and technology problems.


We help you apply systems thinking frameworks and apply the TRIZ inventive principles, 40 creative strategies to find solutions that work.


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