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"Customers' don't buy products...
...they buy outcomes."


Disruptive Lemonade is a boutique innovation consultancy.

Founded in 2012, we are expert practitioners in Systematic Innovation and Jobs-To-Be-Done customer research methods. We help ambitious companies to identify winning product strategies by getting a precise understanding of the market and what your customers want.


Collectively we have 30 years of experience delivering market and technology research programmes, TRIZ training, innovation mindset coaching for product innovation teams, executives, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.



Iain Acton
Growth & User Research

07815 085 009

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Iain is 100% focused on applying the latest customer and user needs research to support the development of innovative new products and services. He has over 15 years of experience in user research, market research, and product development and has spent the last 6 years mastering systematic research method including Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) and customer outcome-based thinking to help product teams build products using truly customer-centric qualitative and quantitative data.


He co-founded Disruptive Lemonade in 2012 and has since had the privilege of working with product managers, marketers, and agile product teams from a diverse range of globally recognised brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Dura Automotive Systems, Just Eat, and disruptive startups like Fintech startup B-Social.


He travels globally on behalf of the University of Warwick to talk about user research using ‘JTBD’ theory' and its relationship to understanding ‘Disruptive Innovation’ opportunities. Recently, he co-authored ‘Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies’, where he addresses how customer-centricity and JTBD user research are at the heart of enterprise and product design. He highlights how JTBD's customer-centric approach can be used to overcome the trappings of product-based thinking and confirmation bias.


He has learned about how to prepare teams properly to establish a customer-centric mindset and to help his clients routinely set-up the right attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge to be successful, and how to focus on what is most important, pinpointing the most attractive value gaps in the market. 


Prof. Adrian Cole
TRIZ & Creative Problem Solving

07738 015 216

Adrian Cole.jpg

Adrian has 18 years’ experience in systematic innovation and TRIZ and is an automotive industry expert for over 30 years and has considerable experience within the aerospace industry. He has a passion and knack for finding breakthrough solutions. 


He pushes organisations beyond the comfort zone and enables teams to become more innovation effective. He has significant experience working with research engineers and technology teams in applying lean innovation methods.  


Recent projects include global innovation projects with corporate clients in Brazil, Germany, France, Bulgaria, USA and the UK. He is a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and is a past Director of SAE. Adrian has recently created an on-line TRIZ innovation portal.


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