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Customer Insights & Growth Hacking




Understanding opportunities for growth and then exploiting them is complex. The customer research methods we apply and teach are as structured and systematic as possible.


This customer insight capability influences our approach to experiment-driven design. By combining ‘small data’ (qualitative) with ‘big data’ insights, we can halve the amount of experiment time required. We deliver results faster.

Decoding The Buyer Journey
Creative Problem Solving (TRIZ)

A semi-structured and versatile customer development method that gets to the heart of buyer behaviour, intent and emotional triggers. 

Works best when used as part of marketing or product development intiatives. Setup to target several of the eight insights required to inform organic growth.

Our 15 years’ expertise in applying TRIZ (a Russian problem solving method) helps you solve the toughest problems.


We apply systems thinking tools to frame the problem. And shortcuts to the 40 creative strategies to find solutions that work.

Go To Market Strategy
Systematic Market Opportunity Finding

To systematically uncover market opportunities that are hidden requires a process to extract them.


If you want high growth you need the best insights that will clearly differentiate your company in the market. Don’t underestimate the power of this type of market data.​

Developing and launching a new product or feature successfully requires rigorous planning built on eight key areas of market insight.


So both startups and established companies need to ensure propostions aligned correctly to the eight market insights, to get the desired traction.

Growth Hacking
Customer Networks / Platforms

Finding the best channels with optimal content and messages that hook in your targets market provides the foundation of our approach to growth hacking.


Add in creative tactics and optimising products for word of mouth and viral growth, you can may then start to see the growth results you really want.

Increasingly, startup and innovation projects need to build a network of customers, so they can easily test, validate and access an audience directly.  


Blogging, LinkedIn groups, slack groups or bespoke customer feedback platforms are available for building customer networks.Working with selected partners we can help you get your strategy right and your customer network up and running.

Tools & frameworks developed by
Disruptive Lemonade

Customer Outcome Canvas

A quick way to get inside the customer's world and uncover the most important customer outcomes, the gains & pains.


This canvas is perfect for developing workshop based hypotheses about the customer before getting out of the building.

Product-Market Fit Roadmap

Find the target market segments that are most aligned to your core product platform.


Build a development runway that allows product, engineering and marketing managers to truly integrate and excute the same battle plan. 










Buyer Journey Maps

Understand, in detail, how your customer goes through the buying process.


The buyer map provides the structure to capture critcal buying moments - the triggers and intent that causes people to buy. 

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