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Jaguar Land Rover

In 2013 JLR commissioned Disruptive Lemonade to train and consult a small group of engineers in lean innovation. By 2016 Disruptive Lemonade have been involved with training over 100 engineers and designers delivering breakthrough customer insights, impacting future car technologies and systems.

One Pink Elephant

Early stage startup language learning platform, One Pink Elephant, wanted to understand its customers better when they were learning Chinese. Disruptive Lemonade coached founder & CMO Raphael Weninger to implement a research process to uncover hidden pain points. Several big opportunity gaps were identified and is now being exploited


Based at Innovation Birmingham, e4f and Disruptive Lemonade have collaborated to provide high-growth startup with practical steps to take to understand their markets.

Acme Whistles

In 2013, Disruptive Lemonade was asked to bring an entrepreneurial spirit into this famous factory. Armed with 15 entrepreneurs some great mentors and processes, two new products were launched.

Dura Automotive

Rethinking the ways that clutch system are engineered can drive significant cost saving for Dura Automotive. That is exactly what Disruptive Lemonade help them do. Systems mapping and diagnostics were used to build common understanding of performance across the engineering teams. It soon became clear that removing waste and rethinking processes was the key to implementing successful solutions.   

Birmingham Made Me

Since 2012, Disruptive Lemonade has designed, managed and delivered 4 design-driven entrepreneurship programmes. Developing the innovation skills of 130 young entrepreneurs to deliver innovation outcomes to 16 partner companies.


Saxeed approached Disruptive Lemonade to challenge and push its incubator team’s creative capabilities and market research processes. Using live projects, Disruptive Lemonade enabled the Saxeed team to find new market gaps, build differentiated value propositions and business models.

Warwick Incubator

Warwick Incubator of Warwick University needed help engaging young entrepreneurs in effective market research. Working with Founder and Director Raphael  Weninger Disruptive Lemonade provide practical step by step methods for customer development.

Westfield Sports Cars

In 2014, Westfield Sportcars was looking for inspiration and ideas to expand its product portfolio. In collaboration with Birmingham Made Me entrepreneurs, Disruptive Lemonade develop three research projects and uncovering several untapped opportunity areas now being exploited by the company.


Vaptech is a medium sized Bulgarian technology that needed innovative ways of improving its manufacturing efficiency. Disruptive Lemonade setup several lean innovation groups across the organisation to diagnose, rectify and deliver critical system and process inefficiencies.


The way the customer research process is so structured just makes so much sense. It is nothing like I have seen before.


I also like the flexibility this coaching programme allowed me. It feels like a collaborative effort and Iain is on every step of the journey with me.


I highly recommend this coaching programme to founders wanting to understand what customers really want.

Raphael Weninger

Founder, CMO,

One Pink Elephant

& Director Warwick Incubator

Disruptive Lemonade has given our entrepreneurs the skills to develop viable new products by uncovering new opportunities for Birmingham Made Me businesses.


This has meant them generating fresh, innovative ideas, but most importantly based on researching real market customers so the businesses actually benefit. A very steep learning curve.”

Beverley Nielsen


Birmingham Made Me

Think Shop (Disruptive Lemonade's programme) was a wonderful experience for Acme, not just new ideas – innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.


Seeing young aspiring entrepreneurs delving into our business, researching customers to find new products propositions for new markets that offer Acme real commercial possibilities.

Simon Topman


Acme Whistles

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